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  • Felipefem says:

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  • Aurelie says:

    Dear Antonis,
    It was a very great tour in katakolon and Olympie. You showed us very beautiful places.
    Thank you very much for this day.
    Best regards from France. Aurelie B and my family.

  • Jason Cable says:

    Some peoples culture has given more to the world than most.

  • Monika says:

    Dear Antonis,
    our tour with you was so beautiful, many thanks. We have had a perfekt day with you, you have show as so much.
    Best regards from cologne

  • Orlando says:

    Dear Antonis, we would like to thank you for all you have done for us, and to say that everything were grate. The trip was amazing and particularly the Olympia site seeing. You may not speak very well English……..but as you may remember, neither do we spoke very well the English language. You are very kind as a person and you made our trip memorable. I will send you a post card from Brasil with all the family. See you…. till the next time. Manuka family

  • Jasna says:

    Ich war in Katakolo und ich habe ge farhen mit Taxi Antonis in Olimpya, und Taxia Fahra war so net, und hat uns will geholfen. Ich hate noch ni so ein nette Fahra gehabt!

  • sam smith says:

    Hi antonis, i am Sam. Our trip is over now and i would like to wholeheartedly thank you for the amasing tour that you offer to me and my family… i will never forget our visit to the Ancient Olympia and our visit to the beautiful beach of Kourouta. Take care you and your family…! see u…Sam!!

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